About Us

At DigyCorp, we are committed to helping our customers achieve more with less. With a deep understanding of your business roadmap and specific product requirements, we provide tailored digital solutions that align with your strategy. Our highly talented global team ensures we get things right the first time, delivering exceptional value at competitive rates. Let us help you achieve your business goals efficiently and effectively.

Naeem Atta (CEO & Founder)

Specializes in digital and data-driven transformations, leveraging Web3, AI/ML, Blockchain, and Digital Asset technologies. Establish enterprise-wide data functions, create comprehensive data capabilities, and drive cultural change towards data-driven decision-making.

Saad Karim Leghari (Chief Technology Officer)

Experienced Lead Architect with a track record of success in complex digital transformations. Skilled in defining pragmatic solutions to business challenges and overseeing end-to-end implementation. Specialized in solution, application, enterprise, infrastructure, and data architecture, as well as digital transformation and technology strategy. Extensive industry experience in utilities, telecoms, financial services, data services, and education.


Our Quality Clientele`

We have implemented significant software deliveries for our clients below. For example at National Grid, we delivered complex mission critical systems running a Product delivery cross cutting 4 products having complex interdependencies with 4 scrum teams totalling 50+ staff.